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Welcome To the Home page of Keepin' it Real
This is home base for the Keepin' it Real Book series. The series is aimed at Pre-teen hip hop kids and giving a peep at life in an urban neighborhood. We want to get our kids into reading to they can 'get theirs' in the big game of life.
Here's the 411
The stories take place in a Paterson, New Jersey neighborhood. The kids are typical hip hop generation kids. Some are thugs, some are geniuses, but most are just regular kids. Some kids are new to the hood, from the islands like the Bahamas or Puerto Rico.The kids are black, white and hispanic.

The kids get into situations that teach them about life. The are faced with changes, challenges, and some danger. Some are searching for where they fit in, others may be searching for the meaning of life.

The series will get our kids interested in reading with subjects and situations that they can relate to.

So, stop sleeping on us! Come check it out!

Keepin it Real will soon be moving to a new site with enough space to handle us.

Stay tuned!

Keepin it real in tha feel.

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